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Peanut allergic reaction

I’ve used this blog for my professional interests thinking that my personal life just isn’t all that interesting. I still don’t think my personal life is of broad interest, but I’m going to describe what happened to me after an accidental exposure to peanuts yesterday. I’m motivated for two reasons. One, I couldn’t find much personal discussion of these allergic responses and I think it would be helpful to have more (there was lots of discussion from moms, or potential causes, or badly written pseudo science but very few actual stories). Two, I was supposed to meet a friend last night and had to cancel because of this, and his reaction made me realize that these severe allergic reactions don’t seem to be well understood or accepted in general.

After the jump I’ll go into detail. If you are squeamish don’t read, and/or if you know me professionally you may not want to continue, in order to permit some dignity to persist in our future interactions. But I think the story is important for others who suffer from this. I remember lying there wondering if this or that that was happening was normal. Turns out, yes, but that’s not easy info to find.

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